I’m realistic, I won’t promise anything I can’t deliver, or anything I can’t control. I won’t sell myself on promises and then break them. I am not a politician, I’m an everyday Peterborough man who loves the city, wants the best for our home and wants to listen to the people that live here.

My main values are concentrating the focus on Peterborough, being Proud of our city and promoting it to help it grow and develop. I intend to bring a fresh approach to being an MP and give people a genuine real say in key national issues.

“How this happened”

It started with an idea and a small Facebook challenge, “if I receive 500 likes I will stand for MP for Peterborough”. I never really believed I would hit the target, but as the likes were streaming in, I started thinking, “maybe this is what people want”.

I hit the 500 target in 24 hours and I knew I had to do it. I couldn’t go back on my word. So I’m going for it.

I am totally committed.

The everyday man from Peterborough, standing as an Independent in the General election. #LetsDoThis


Facebook Likes and Loves within 24 Hours

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Who am I

I am a proud 36 year old Peterborian, who was born and raised in Welland.  I didn’t go to University, or even do A-Levels, instead focused on a career in Accountancy.  I am a trained accountant who spent 19 years working for various businesses including a not-for-profit housing association.

I took a year off from September 2018 to August 2019 and travelled around 21 countries across Europe in a motorhome, after selling my house.  Since returning home to Peterborough I have worked as a self-employed labourer as well as continuing voluntary roles that are close to my heart.

I am vice-chairman of Netherton Utd Ladies & Girls FC and a coach for our under 14s girls team. Recently I have also set up and coach sessions focussed on children with disabilities and additional needs.

I am big football fan, following the Posh and working for them on match days. I like a beer with mates, even more so if there is a pub quiz.

I want to be open and clear, I have always lived in a PE postcode, however as the boundaries are actually quite confusing, I have not always lived in the constituency of Peterborough.  I currently live right next to the Posh ground.

I want you to get to know me, so my Facebook profile, Luke Ferguson, is open for you to have a look, plus you can get me on all other socials @VoteLukeMP

My 3 key values are all focused on the brilliant city that we live in,

Peterborough not Politics

What does this mean? Well, it’s about concentrating the focus on Peterborough. It’s about doing away with the wasteful constant arguing and abuse between political parties. It’s about working towards a brighter Peterborough, a Peterborough in which its constituents decide what happens. It’s about listening to your opinions and your views.

I’m a born and bred Peterborian. That’s why my values are based on this city and getting the best for the people that live in it. Your priorities are my priorities


This is a great city – a place I’m proud to call home. I will promote Peterborough on the national stage, to showcase who we are and what we can do, which in turn will attract inward investment, bring well paid jobs, and better pubic services.

I want to encourage residents to fall in love with Peterborough and fight for our community – so we don’t lose any more local facilities or services.

I want us to be proud of where we live.

So, let me know what you like, what you dislike, what needs improvement, help me fight for a better future for Peterborough. I will be an MP for you – tell me what you think of employment opportunities, housing and community needs or transport links. Whatever you want to say, I will be here to listen.


Peterborough deserves a fresh, new, young(ish) MP. An Independent who is not under the orders of Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn. Someone not in the pockets of Remainers or Brexiteers – or unions or big business.  Someone from Welland, not Westminster.

You deserve an everyday Peterborough man with the city at his heart. You deserve an MP who is to be moulded into a politician of Peterborough, for Peterborough, by Peterborough. You don’t deserve another politician parachuted in by the established parties. You deserve change.

You deserve someone who walks with you down Broadway or Lincoln Road, but also for you in Whitehall and Parliament Square. Someone you can relate to, someone you actually know and someone who you can have a drink with!

So, let’s do this. let me know:

  • How you think politicians should act.
  • How they should help you.
  • What policies are important to you – both locally and nationally.

Speak to me in the street, at the football, in the pub, over a coffee, I’m here to listen.


Peterborough’s residents should have a real say in key national decisions. I will act as a genuine “link” between Peterborough and Parliament, acting on your views and your opinions. This will be done through public meetings, through social media and online polls, and face to face discussions.

Other MPs tend to vote how their parties demand they do, putting the interests of their own careers above yours . I won’t – I will give those decisions back to you.

So talk to me – let me know your views on national issues, what key policies of other parties you like or dislike, ideas of how  best  to interact with you.  I will be here to listen and I’m here to act for you.

I won’t promise anything I can’t deliver, or anything I can’t control. I won’t sell myself on promises and then break them. I am not a politician, I’m an everyday man who loves the city and wants to the best for our home. What I will do, is give my all for our great city.

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My Policies

You will see that all my ideas are all local issues, key national issues will be voted for by you.  I cannot promise Brexit, or that the NHS won’t be privatised etc, I have no control over that, but how I vote in those key decisions, will be your vote.

Be Proud

Inject new life into Peterborough by pushing and promoting future development of the city centre, including North Westgate. We must stop stagnation. Fletton Quays is amazing but took too long to materialise.

The new Posh ground MUST be kept in the city centre. It is crucial for local business, jobs and for fans.

Push for more genuinely affordable housing, focusing on well-designed living areas that can make the most out of small spaces and previously unsuitable brownfield sites. These will include the use of smart home and green technology, to lower monthly running costs.

Speak to local housing associations and homeless charities to ask for ideas and thoughts on how we can STOP people having to live on the streets.

Push for planning changes in conjunction with experts and PCC, to “borrow” current disused land, (but with long term future plans) for temporary off grid, self contained living pods for the homeless. These will be easily movable to different sites when the land is no longer available.

End the NHS postcode lottery, including for IVF funding in Peterborough – something close to our hearts.

Schools – I will bring together a team of teachers, parents, pupils & educational experts to find out why schools in Peterborough are failing and how we can turn this around.

Be proud of our city and encourage more people to do so, by listening to constituents and the issues, concerns & ideas.

New Approach

I will not pretend I know better than my constituents. I will act for my constituents.

I will not abuse or bicker with other MPs, instead concentrate on what is important, Peterborough.

I will strive to be the most accessible MP in the country – I drink in our pubs, I watch our football team, I shop in our supermarkets. Talk to me.

I will be honest, reliable, realistic, genuine, new, fresh and will put aside party politics to concentrate focus on Peterborough.

I will be moulded into a “politician” by my constituents – learning what you want, by listening to you and your views.

Your Say

I will seek to develop an online system, where constituents can have a vote on big key national issues. This makes sure constituents have a genuine say in Peterborough’s politics.

I will build a “Citizens Assembly”, a team of Peterborough people (from different backgrounds, across the political spectrum and non-voters) who will debate key national and local issue and will make decisions on how I will vote in Parliament.

I will hold quiz nights, social evenings etc where people can raise ideas, discuss opinions and air views in a relaxed environment.

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Contact Details

148 Hawksbill Way, Peterborough, PE2 8NY
07984 170 991

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